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What is a Dwarf Car?

Dwarf Cars are 5/8 replicas of 1928 to 1948 coupes and sedans. They run with open-wheels and are all metal. They are on a race chassis in which you can buy, or even build yourself. Dwarfs are powered by a street motorcycle engine (1250 cc limit). The engine is turned 90 degrees from normal motorcycle installations in order for the original chain drive to be converted into a drive line driven engine. The rear end, most often out of Toyotas because of the number of available gear sizes, are altered so the right axle is around 12 inches, and the left axle is around 30 inches. This offsets the differential to the left, where it connects to the drive line.

The car width cannot exceed 60 inches and a wheel base length of 73 inches, with an overall length not to exceed 10ft 6in. They also must be between 1000 and 1200 pounds. Here in Washington, they race on asphalt and dirt. Other clubs just run dirt and/or asphalt.  Currently the club races with other clubs in Oregon and Canada.

They are often confused with Legends, which have fenders, mostly race on asphalt, have fiberglass bodies, and can be quite a bit more expensive. Legends must run the same engine and are built by the same company. Dwarf cars are quite a bit cheaper. Legends also use dot tires. Dwarfs, on the other hand, use racing tires.